The Case for Roy
Why Roy Epstein Is The Best Choice for Belmont's Board of Selectmen

UPDATE: [4/2/19]: Roy has been elected Selectman! Roy would like to thank everyone who supported him, and everyone who come out to vote:

I entered this race with a deep sense of civic duty. I knocked on hundreds of doors and listened carefully to your concerns. I offered my knowledge, experience, and commitment to you, to help us together meet the challenges ahead.
Thank you so much for your vote. – Roy Epstein, Belmont's Newest Selectman

Considering who to vote for in Belmont's Selectman race?

Since beginning his campaign, Roy Epstein has knocked on thousands of doors and met with many Belmont residents who are concerned about our town's future. He shares the same message with all of them:

As a proven problem solver for Belmont, chair of the town’s Warrant Committee since 2016, and a Yale PhD economist, I have the experience and skills to hit the ground running as your Selectman this April. But I’m not just a numbers guy. I’m a champion for education, the environment, and all the citizens of Belmont. – Roy Epstein

But is Roy Epstein the best choice for Belmont now? Simply put: YES!

The nature of the challenges facing the town calls for strong leadership, creative problem solving, and a full grasp of the intricacies of the town's finances. Of the candidates, only Roy Epstein has the qualities these challenges require.Ralph Jones, former Selectman

The sections below clarify the great challenge Belmont faces, and why Roy is uniquely qualified to help lead the town through these critical days.

The Challenge: A Fiscal Crisis Ahead

In the next few years, Belmont will face the greatest financial challenge in its history. In this critical period, deep financial management skills will be key to addressing the problems we face. Consider:

  • The $295 Million 7-12 school project is already underway.
  • The Police Station and DPW renovation projects have gone out to bid.
  • The Community Path will be designed and built (Roy is now on the project committee).
  • A new Library and Hockey Rink are top priorities.
  • Most importantly, funds from the 2015 override will be depleted within two years, imperiling school/town services.

Behind each of these initiatives are significant fiscal and managerial issues, which call for leadership and relevant experience. If these issues are not addressed properly – and soon! – we won't have the resources to support even those programs we currently enjoy and cherish, such as great schools, effective municipal services, etc. The stakes are nothing less than the overall quality of life for all the citizens of Belmont.

The Skills Required to Meet This Challenge

These challenges require the next Selectman to have demonstrated skills and background in town affairs:

  • profound financial analysis skills
  • thorough knowledge of municipal finance – Belmont's finances in particular
  • extensive experience working in the Belmont's arcane ecosystem
  • detailed knowledge of relevant regulations, procedures, laws, etc.
  • proven ability to solve problems by offering innovative solutions

Roy Epstein is the only candidate who has the relevant skills and experience.

Roy Epstein is Uniquely Prepared to Face This Crisis

Roy not only has the skills and knowledge we need now – he has been preparing for this for a lifetime. He is uniquely ready for the tough tasks ahead.

Professional Focus in Finance

Economics is not merely something Roy picked up in the course of his Belmont committee work – it's his professional field.

  • PhD in Economics from Yale
  • Adjunct Professor of Finance at Boston College
  • spent the last 30 years as an expert witness in complex financial litigation

Extensive Relevant Town Experience

Roy has more than 10 years of experience in all aspects of town government from working on many critical committees, including the Warrant Committee, major building projects, and Belmont Light. He has unparalleled knowledge that will be directly applicable to handling the crises ahead.

  • Chair of the Warrant Committee (Town Meeting’s financial watchdog) since 2016, member since 2007
  • Active participant many other key town committees (Community Path, Belmont Light Board Advisory Committee, DPW/Police Station Building Committee, and many others) for over a decade
  • Town Meeting Member beginning in 2003

Proven Problem Solver

Roy has already helped find cost-effective solutions to long-standing problems, saving tens of millions of dollars for the town:

  • reconstruction of the Police Station on its current site for $8 million instead of estimated $25+ million
  • vital improvements to the Department of Public Works facility to extend useful life by at least 10 years
  • a solar energy policy for Belmont Light that led to the most successful solar panel program in Massachusetts
  • siting the new Belmont Light Electric Substation and running cables along the MBTA tracks to save tens of millions of dollars

Roy Epstein is uniquely prepared to address the fiscal difficulties ahead.

In light of the financial situation we are currently in – the debt we have already and will accrue for decades, and the enormous budget challenges we are about to face – I believe it is absolutely essential that our Board of Selectmen have the best fiscal experience available. If we cannot manage the storm ahead, we won’t have the resources to execute any candidate’s plans for the future. We have a once-in-a-decade opportunity here: a person who has trained for years for the specific challenges we are about to face, someone who is ready to employ a level of fiscal insight and capability that is perfectly matched to our needs, an opportunity unparalleled in my time in Belmont — and the storm is coming! Shouldn’t we put our most experienced player on the field?Heidi Sawyer, Belmont Center Business Association

Not Just a Numbers Guy – He Shares Your Values and Your Priorities

While Roy is uniquely prepared for the unprecedented financial crises ahead, he offers more than just fiscal expertise. He has supported many of the initiatives the town has undertaken, and is an avid supporter of the educational and environmental goals that Belmont citizens care about too. His deep experience of Belmont government sets him up to be an effective leader in many domains, including:

  • Preserve funding for school and town services and manage future financial obligations. Roy was a proud endorser of the YES campaign for the new school last year.
  • Ensure close supervision of the new school, DPW, and Police Station projects as they enter the construction phase. Roy has the experience and determination to help bring these vital projects to successful completion, on time and at or under budget.
  • Increase investment in the most critical town infrastructure, e.g., roads/sidewalks, Hockey Rink, Library, and other key facilities. Roy has proposals for each of these, and will work closely with supporters of these initiatives to get them moving.
  • Create options for our seniors to stay in town, either by expanding their ability to remain in their homes or encouraging the development of senior housing. Roy can offer options that have not been considered before.
  • Find effective solutions to improve traffic safety and reduce the volume of car traffic that cuts through Belmont. Roy has specific proposals to achieve these ends.
  • Achieve Belmont’s Climate Action Goals. Roy's experience on the Light Board Advisory Committee will make him an effective champion in this critical area.

Roy shares a vision of a Belmont that works for everyone.

Summary: Roy Epstein is the Best Choice for Selectman Now

There is a fiscal storm coming to Belmont. Roy Epstein the only candidate who has the skills and experience to help Belmont through the challenges ahead:

  • He is a trained economist.
  • He has over a decade of direct, relevant, irreplaceable Belmont experience.
  • He is a proven problem solver for the town.
  • He is a champion for our shared goals.
  • He is a nonpartisan, who will work for all of Belmont.

Roy Epstein is the best choice for Selectman in this election.

Please remember to vote this Tuesday, April 2.