Roy Epstein for Selectman: Why Me? Why Now?

Good government doesn’t just happen.  It comes from hard work—and relevant experience.  Belmont faces major challenges in the next few years.  Our next Selectman will chair the Board of Selectman just one year after the election and will chair the Light Board right away.  That person must know our town government, listen to everybody, propose practical solutions, and ensure efficient use of funds.  I have already done each of these things.  I care deeply about Belmont and can hit the ground running.  That’s why I’m running for Selectman.  

As Chair of the Warrant Committee (the town’s financial watchdog), as an active participant in many other key committees (Community Path, Belmont Light Board Advisory Committee, DPW/Police Station Building Committee, and many others), and as a long-time Town Meeting member, I have already helped the Town find cost-effective solutions to long-standing problems.  For example:

  • Reconstruction of the Police Station on its current site for $8 million instead of estimated $25+ million.

  • Vital improvements to the Department of Public Works facility to extend useful life by at least 10 years.

  • A solar energy policy for Belmont Light that led to the most successful solar panel program in Massachusetts.

  • Siting the new Belmont Light Electric Substation and running cables along the MBTA tracks to save tens of millions of dollars. 

I need your support to build on this track record of proven leadership, innovation, and experience.  

My priorities are your priorities.  We need to:

  • Preserve funding for school and town services and manage future financial obligations.  I was a proud endorser of the YES campaign last year.

  • Ensure close supervision of the new school, DPW, and Police Station projects as they enter the construction phase.  I have the experience and determination to help bring these vital projects to successful completion, on time and at or under budget.

  • Increase investment in the most critical town infrastructure, e.g., roads/sidewalks, hockey rink, library, and other key facilities.  I have proposals for each of these.

  • Create options for our seniors to stay in town, either by expanding their ability to remain in their homes or encouraging the development of senior housing.  I can offer options that have not been considered before.

  • Find effective solutions to improve traffic safety and reduce the volume of car traffic that cuts through Belmont.  I have specific proposals to achieve this.

  • Achieve Belmont’s Climate Action Goals.  My experience on the Light Board Advisory Committee will make me an effective champion in this critical area.

With so many critical decisions looming, I will be steward for the whole town, combining deep knowledge of policy details with down-to-earth practicality.  I’m committed to making sure that every tax dollar is spent carefully and every voice is heard.  You can count on me.

On a personal note, my wife Joanna and I have loved living in Belmont for the past 25 years.  Our two sons attended Wellington, Chenery, and BHS.  Our 1910 house is on the Significant Buildings list and now sports solar panels!  I have a PhD in Economics from Yale University, and Joanna is a retired librarian and member of the Garden Club.  I teach at Boston College and consult all over the world in complex financial litigation.  And, when time allows, I love riding my bike downtown to teach sailing on the Charles River at Community Boating.

 I’m Roy Epstein, and I hope you’ll vote for me for Belmont Selectman on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Warmest regards,


Belmont Town Hall

Belmont Town Hall

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Belmont Town Center