Letters to the editor in support of Roy Epstein, Feb. 21 edition

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

Town service as a committee member or elected official requires a willingness to donate one’s education, experience, compassion and personal time for Belmont’s benefit in very public settings. As one who has expanded his service as a result of recognizing Belmont’s looming financial, infrastructure, education and municipal issues, I know how important it is to have knowledgeable and experienced leaders in office.

Of these people, one loyal, dedicated and compassionate individual stands out. He has donated his talents and skills, kept a level head and truly hears what people in Belmont say and seek. Roy Epstein, with whom I have worked for five years, is this person.

Roy is running for selectman. Please vote for him — for his governmental experience, financial and economic background, ability to uncover the issues and make decisions needed to craft and provide the best solutions for the varying needs of all of Belmont.

As a fellow Warrant Committee member, I can speak to Roy’s experience and knowledge. He is willing to donate his expertise even when not a committee member; Roy’s insights on Town Meeting issues are informative and valuable.

Roy was instrumental in creating long term solutions that saved millions of dollars for police and Department of Public Works facilities and for Belmont Light. He is working on making the community path a reality.

Belmont’s capital needs are sizable with financial, environmental and community impacts. They require that the next selectman be one who seeks input, listens without judgement or influence and sees all of the ins and outs of each project, decision, impact on other projects and their long-term effects.

Only Roy Epstein is fit, qualified, experienced, genuine and trusted enough to do this. Vote for Roy on April 2.

Geoffrey Lubien

Member of Warrant Committee, Financial Task Force II, Town Meeting Precinct 7

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

I am pleased to support Roy Epstein for selectman. I met Roy in 2003 when we were chaperones on a Belmont High School orchestra trip to Europe and was impressed with his strong support for the music program and our public schools in general. Roy is committed to maintaining the excellence of the Belmont Public Schools and supported the recent vote for a new Belmont High School.

While sharing my priorities is important, I also want a candidate who has the relevant knowledge and experience to be effective in office as well as a track record of service to the town. Roy has that knowledge and experience combined with an impressive record of service. He is a Town Meeting member and has served on a number of town committees, and is now chair of the Warrant Committee. As Warrant Committee chair, Roy works closely with the selectmen as well as the various town departments to formulate the budget before it goes to Town Meeting.

Roy will be able to be an effective selectman from day one. Belmont needs a selectman with experience in the workings of the town, especially its finances. I believe that Roy Epstein is that person. I urge you to join me in voting for Roy on April 2.

Pam Curtis, Bay State Road

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

I write to express my enthusiastic support for Roy Epstein, a candidate for the office of selectmen.

As a member of High School Building Committee, I see first-hand the challenge and the importance of Belmont successfully completing the construction of the $295 million high school and as a member of the Warrant Committee, I see the challenge of paying for Belmont’s $213 million share of the cost.

I also see the challenge each year of meeting a level service operating budget which is becoming more and more burdened by amortizing our approximately $76 million pension liability on top of our approximately $96 million OPED (retirement benefits) liability. On the horizon, we have a new library to build, an aging police station to renovate and expand, necessary repairs and temporary expansion of the town yard in order to continue to function and a few roads in Belmont that need attention.

Overseeing it all is the Board of Selectmen as the executive arm of our government. I would like to see a selectman that has a doctorate in economics from Yale University, who teaches finance part time at Boston College and is a renowned economic consultant sought out by clients nationally and internationally for his advice and expertise.

Roy is that person. Roy, a Town Meeting member since 2003, has been a member or chairman of no less than nine different Belmont committees, including the present chairman of the Warrant Committee. He has saved us tens of millions of dollars with innovative thinking to solve the building deficiencies at the police station and the town yard, by guiding us out of the financially unfair Minuteman Regional School District and as chairman of the Warrant Committee advising Town Meeting on all financial articles.

With Roy Epstein, we are not electing a rookie selectman in need of on-the-job training.

Bob McLaughlin, Wellesley Road

Vote for Epstein

I am writing in response to Roy Epstein’s entering into the Selectman’s Race for the coming term. Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting him personally, I have certainly followed him at various Town Meetings, on Channel 28 and our local Belmont Citizen and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the issues put before him whether it be Town Meeting Member,School Committee, Warrant Committee or what ever committee he has served on.

He has always looked at both sides of the issue before guiding a decision and thoroughly looked into whatever would be best for Belmont. I do believe Mr. Epstein has the best interests of Belmont at heart and not just passing thru looking for a loftier throne. I have lived on the same street here in Belmont for over 72 years and came from Watertown where I was born 15 years prior, 35 years as a renter and 37 years as a home owner....so I do believe I am quite qualified to judge a person’s capabilities in the guidance and administration of our little town of Belmont.

Obviously, I must “love” this little spot and wish it well for all the folks who have chosen it to be their home as well and I sincerely believe that Mr. Roy Epstein will fill the bill and fit in very nicely with his other elected Selectmen on the Board and guide Belmont from the heart.

Jean Dorney, Payson Road

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