Letters to the editor supporting Roy Epstein, March 14th edition

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

I am voting for Roy Epstein for the Board of Selectmen. Here’s why.

I bike every day —13 miles round-trip every week-day, year-round, in all kinds of weather, including rain and snow. Our four children also bike — to and from Belmont High School, Belmont Center and athletic fields all over town (where I coached youth soccer for seven years.) As a freshman, our daughter Alexandra hitched a trailer to the back of her bike to carry her backpack, violin and soccer equipment. It takes guts for a teenage girl to ride a bike, towing a trailer behind.

Each member of our family has been hit by a car while riding a bike in Belmont. My wife Elizabeth breathes a little prayer each time one of us leaves the house, willing us to return safely. As a member of Town Meeting, she has repeatedly spoken up about the need for traffic calming measures and cyclist/pedestrian safety.

Our list of biking injuries caused by cars includes concussions, bruises, lacerations requiring stitches and a broken arm. The most serious accident occurred last spring, when a car crossed the Concord Avenue median, illegally entering the “exit only” of Temple Beth El. I slammed the brakes to avoid crashing into the car but I flew over my handlebars, landing on the pavement and separating my shoulder. The car didn’t even stop. In contrast, Belmont police arrived almost immediately, sending me to MGH via ambulance.

Roy Epstein also likes bikes. He is a dedicated cyclist and wants to make Belmont safe for all of us by designing and building a Community Path that will save lives by separating cyclists and pedestrians from cars. It’s one thing to talk about the Community Path. It’s another thing to get it done. As a cyclist, Roy brings legs-on knowledge to the Community Path Project Committee, of which he is a member. He has walked the proposed path routes, tape measure in hand, figuring out how to make the path a reality. He has read property records to understand what easements Belmont needs to acquire for route access. He understands town finances. In addition to the Community Path, the town needs to build a new library and ice rink. Roy will find a way to finish all three.

I am a cyclist. On April 2 I will vote for Roy Epstein. I hope you will, too.

Keith Dionne, Belmont High School assistant wrestling coach

Wellesley Road

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

As a long-time Belmont resident and Town Meeting member, I am pleased to support Roy Epstein for selectman.

I have seen many selectmen over the years. Roy has always stood out to me as an informed, thoughtful and courteous member of the Warrant Committee who has given good advice to Town Meeting. I especially appreciate his role in getting the DPW and Police Station projects off the ground. Those problems stumped the town for almost as long as I’ve lived here. Roy found a solution within our budget.

I’m glad Roy decided to run for selectman. He has the right experience and from getting to know him better during this campaign I know he has the commitment to do the best job.

Please join me in voting for Roy on April 2.

Janice Ellard

Horace Road

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

I am thrilled that Roy Epstein is running for selectman. Roy, Joanna, Jacob and Martin moved in next door years ago when the boys were young and I have fond memories of babysitting them while I attended Belmont High School. I still live next door but now I’m the one with two young boys, my husband and our dog. It is because of our long time connection that I know first-hand how Roy cares about his neighbors and our Cushing Square neighborhood. Jogging around the reservoir, working in his garden, eating at one of the restaurants on the corner, taking dance lessons with Joanna at the Fred Astaire Studio and playing piano is just part of his routine.

Though I’m most familiar with Roy as my neighbor I also know that he has gotten a lot done on the Warrant Committee, especially working on the DPW and police station. While we face many important and costly ventures, such as the new high school, I would be relieved to have Roy as our selectman. My mom has lived in Belmont for more than 40 years and is impressed that these buildings are finally getting fixed at a price the town can afford. Roy has the experience and dedication needed as we move through these projects to ensure that the right decisions are being made while keeping our best interests in mind. He knows what questions to ask and is always willing to put in the work to find answers to best support the people of our town. Roy has always listened respectfully to everyone from all walks of life and varying opinions. I believe Roy will do a great job representing the people of our town and keeping Belmont a great place to live.

On April 2 we have an important vote and I urge you to join me in voting for Roy Epstein for selectman.

Jessica Kirwan

Cushing Avenue

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

I support Roy Epstein for selectman at the upcoming April 2 election. Roy is an inquisitive, expansive thinker on a wide range of issues facing Belmont. He listens keenly, questions thoroughly, confers frequently, analyzes deeply, works diligently and comports himself respectfully. Roy brings a full package of skills, experiences and perspectives to the job of Selectman.

Roy has an understated manner that supports his collaborative work style. His quiet, constructive (yes, sometimes nerdy) demeanor brings a full spectrum of people and perspectives into the discussion and scrutiny of issues. Belmont’s government structure thrusts considerable responsibility on our selectmen. A selectman must immediately “jump in the deep end” and start swimming in rough, crowded waters. Roy is fully prepared to do this. Moreover, our system presumes that the selectmen will carry meaningful weight in analysis and execution of policies and that the board will not be only a policy-making body.

The coming years bring exciting opportunities for Belmont as well as substantial challenges. Roy has the intellectual creativity, experience, work ethic and cooperative spirit to bring many Belmontonians to the table to capitalize on our opportunities and to meet our challenges with grace and respect.

As a leader in my company’s diversity and inclusion council, I know that diversity presents itself in myriad ways. Roy Epstein has a broad-minded problem-solving approach that seeks out contributions from diverse voices and constituencies to make the best decisions for the town as a whole.

Thank you to all Belmontonians for conducting positive, constructive campaigns. Our community approach is heartening and cause for optimism about our future together.

Christine Doyle

Town Meeting member Precinct 1, Warrant Committee

Cedar Road

Vote for Roy Epstein

I am a former General Manager of Belmont’s Municipal Light Department (1994-2005) and I am writing in support of Roy Epstein for Selectman. There are two main reasons why I am enthusiastically supporting Roy:

First, I have worked with many people in Belmont, over many years, on many committees. Roy stands out as one of the hardest working individuals I ever encountered. He is whip-smart, careful, and easy to work with. I saw him in action first hand with the electric substation project and he was great.

Second, Roy does his homework. He cares about the details because they are important, especially when it comes to the town spending money. He sees the big picture. I trust him to act in the best interest of Belmont.

Roy is already a leader in Belmont. I look forward to seeing him serve as a Selectman.

I hope you will give Roy your vote on Tuesday, April 2.

Tim McCarthy

Simmons Avenue

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