Letters to the editor in support of Roy Epstein, March 7 edition

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

My wife, Leigh McLaughlin Lynch and I are supporting Roy Epstein for Belmont selectman. Roy has served Belmont well over the years and has the experience to successfully represent the town and all its citizens.

I first met Roy in 2007, when we were newly appointed to the Warrant Committee, where he now serves as chairman; Roy and the committee advise Town Meeting on the budget including all financial articles. During my six years on the Warrant Committee, where I ultimately served as chairman and vice chairman, I observed Roy’s strong analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities. These were further illustrated during Roy’s service on various subcommittees including as chairman of the Public Services Subcommittee, which deals with the DPW, Community Development, Facilities and Water and Sewer Facilities.

In addition to his Warrant Committee service, Roy has also served as chairman and/or member of numerous different Belmont committees including the Belmont Light Substation Site Committee, Light Board Advisory Committee, Major Capital Projects Working Group, Town Administrator Search Committee, Community Path Project Committee and DPW/Police Station Building Committee. He has been a Precinct 6 Town Meeting member since 2003.

Roy’s Warrant Committee and other town work mean that he is an ideal candidate for selectman because he knows how to craft solutions for difficult problems. In addition, Roy has more than 25 years of experience as an economics expert in complex litigation and is an adjunct professor of finance at the Carroll School of Management, Boston College. He has a doctorate in economics from Yale. This combination of skills means that Roy has been able to save Belmont tens of millions of dollars. He will continue to save Belmont money as selectman.

Roy’s experience makes him the most qualified candidate. Leigh and I ask you to vote for him on April 2.

Bill Lynch and Leigh McLaughlin Lynch

Dorset Road

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

Belmont voters made a tremendous long-term commitment to education last November by overwhelmingly supporting a $300 million investment in a new Belmont High School campus.

This is no small thing for many families and individuals: the tax-bill impact is at the very least meaningful and in some cases will create a strain on households — at a time when personal savings rates nationwide have hovered between just 3 percent and 6 percent. Achieving household financial goals or even making ends meet in America can be a challenge — and the experience in Belmont is no different.

But this is a community that, collectively, values education and opportunity and cares deeply for the generations to come. Belmont residents made this great commitment to those future generations. They are deserving of a commitment in return from town government: to practice great stewardship and exercise close oversight and management of the biggest capital project in Belmont’s history.

In the past couple of months during which I’ve learned much about Roy Epstein and his vision of strong leadership for Belmont, I’ve marveled at the deep thoughtfulness and compassion that Roy applies to the business of solving challenges for this community. From working with local banks on innovative programs to help seniors keep their homes, to thinking innovatively about how best to create a new hockey rink — he is a man of ideas with the credentials, professional achievements and real world experience to make them reality for the benefit of this community.

Nowhere is this more evident, however, than when it comes to applying both creativity and discipline to the critical task of managing Belmont’s capital projects. We cannot afford for the commitment Belmont voters made to education to become a blank check as this $300 million project gets underway.

Roy Epstein has a track record of solving challenges for Belmont; a record of saving the town millions on capital projects; and a record of protecting taxpayers by exercising great stewardship. Every household will benefit from his thoughtful and compassionate approach to leadership — and from his ideas and creativity.

I urge my fellow citizens to Vote Roy for Belmont on April 2.

Cosmo Macero Jr.

Palfrey Road

Support Roy Epstein for selectman

We’ve all grown up to hear our mentors tell us to think outside the box. However, I believe that to be a true innovator fixated on creative thinking and effective problem-solving, one first has to question if the box even exists.

In my junior year at Belmont High School, two racial incidents shook the Belmont community to the core. The first one infuriated the students of color. Some students hadn’t shown up to school in fear of being tormented by their classmates. The second time around, having already experienced severe anxiety, it was unacceptable for students of color to remain silent. We took the initiative to plan and lead March for Unity.

But, although the entire student body shared a heartfelt moment, more needed to be done. As a small community, students of color came to realize that in order to enact change, we had tackled the problem of at its root to start the healing process. We began building bridges between all communities within the Belmont bubble. This would’ve never occurred if we had listened to those who’d stated this building of bridges was unattainable. We thought outside the box by questioning whether or not the box they attempted to place us in even existed.

I am currently working on becoming a data analyst, so I’m into numbers. Upon meeting Roy Epstein, I paid very close attention to the hard facts. One situation he described that stood out to me was the process of sitting Belmont’s electrical substation. Roy found a site on Flanders Road near the MBTA tracks that no one had considered and figured out how the town could purchase it. Routing the new electrical cables in a straight line meant saving $5-6 million per mile, for a total of $30 million savings, even after paying the MBTA for the easement. It also meant not ripping up Concord Avenue, just after it had been repaved, to lay electrical cables.

This kind of problem-solving and proven leadership is why I am supporting Roy. He doesn’t just talk and make empty promises, like other politicians. He quietly, consistently and modesty gets the job done. The things he does for Belmont are good for all its citizens, regardless of race, religious background,or political affiliation. He represents everyone. He represents me.

Barbara Joseph, founder of Black in Belmont

Weber Road

Vote for Epstein

On Feb. 27, I had the great pleasure of meeting Roy Epstein, Belmont’s Warrant Committee Chair and candidate for Selectman, in person. I knew Roy from observing Town Meeting and watching Warrant Committee sessions on TV and have heard my husband’s positive comments about his Warrant Committee colleague.

Meeting Roy in person gave me an added dimension. I left knowing that this warm, caring, talented, highly intelligent and experienced man is the person who Belmont needs as its next Selectman.

Roy is a man of integrity. He is loyal, dedicated and devoted, friendly and approachable, and surprisingly adventurous; I had not imagined him sailing in Boston Harbor! When you speak to him, you will learn that he cares deeply about those around him, that he joined Town Meeting to make a difference in Belmont, and that he always learns from his experiences.

Roy is the type of person we need at the table making decisions on behalf of every person residing and doing business in Belmont. He listens, takes in your concerns, makes yours his own and turns all this into positive actions and solutions.

Roy Epstein has delivered more to Belmont than I could imagine. For example, he saved the town $30 million on the routing and rewiring of the new electrical substation and $40 million by devising innovative, best-in-class solutions for the police station and DPW. Given Belmont’s annual budget of $150 million, these savings are astonishing. Roy brings creative thinking combined with 25 years of Belmont service and experience to create the best outcomes for our town.

Please join me in voting for the man who combines a history of listening to and caring about all Belmont residents with experience that counts and a proven record of delivering the goods. On April 2 vote for Roy Epstein for Selectman.

Erin Lubien

Unity Avenue

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